Why Consumer’s Can’t Purchase A Bradford White Water Heater Direct

How You Can Find A Bradford White Water Heater

Buying a bradford white water heater for your home is a good move but as a consumer you will find that hard to do, because they cater solely to the wholesale market, finding a bradford water heater will be unlikely in the usual big box stores. Although Bradford monitor’s and listens to the the consumer market closely they have taken a different approach to their distribution of their products. They carry a wide range of electric and gas water heaters and water heater parts but purchasing bradford white water heaters can only be done exclusively at wholesale plumbing supply houses by professionals. This is done for one purpose, to ensure that their products are serviced and installed by plumbing professionals.

The Bradford company dates back to 1881 are a proudly American owned business, their World headquarters is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with their largest manufacturing facility located in Middleville Michigan where they house an 800 thousand square foot facility.

Residential Bradford White Water Heater Options

The Bradford company offers models cover a wide spectrum of installation requirements with the newest technology, with one of the most extensive lines, models and size selection in the industry Bradford is an excellent choice.

Natural Gas Combination and Storage: Available in Atmosphere venting models (10 models available, all classified with the Energy Star rating), Direct venting models (8 models available, all classified with the Energy Star rating). Power direct venting models (4 models available, all classified with the Energy Star rating) and Direct venting models (3 models available, all classified with the Energy Star rating). They also offer 2 Combination gas heaters with heat exchanger features.

The Bradford White Water Heater Tankless Models: Bradford offer 6 gas tankless water heaters, ranging from 15 thousand to 199 thousand BTU’s per hour. All of Bradford gas water tankless heaters qualify for the Energy Star rating.

Bradford White Electric Water Heaters: The electric storage tank line are preferred for new home installation due to their low initial cost and ease of installation. Although not nearly as economical as their gas and tankless cousins, recent improvements in design have made them a viable option even as a residential replacement water heater. Bradford offers 9 models to choose from small units to larger 74 gallon capacity.

Oil Fueled Heaters: Yes you can still buy an oil burning Bradford water heater, they offer 5 separate models, both oil and electric are still viable options for those who do not have the benefit of access to natural gas. Their oil line up is solely owned by the Bradford company but is marketed and distributed by their Lars Heating company.

Solar Water Heaters: They offer a wide variety of residential solar heaters, 22 different models in all divided in to subsections of back up, direct, indirect, power vented, electric and heat exchangers and even a heat pump water heater model.

Bradford Storage Tanks and Accessories: Bradford offers 4 Ast Storage tanks from 40 to 120 gallons as well as an extensive line of accessories to proper install and service all brands and models.

Bradford White Commercial Water Heaters

Offering an complete line of commercial heaters Bradford is a go to product for mechanical engineers, contractors and plumbing professionals. Their line up includes Gas, Electric, Propane and Storage tanks.

Commercial Gas Heaters: 33 models to choose from 25 to 125 gallons, with a variety of venting options.

Electric Commercial Heater: With 12 models to choose from varying from 6 to 2500 gallon capacity there is a commercial Bradford white water heater to suit any application.

Propane Heaters:
With 14 models available Bradford offers one of the most extensive lines of Propane water heaters.

Commercial Oil Heaters:
Two lines commercial oil heaters available in sizes from 38 to 100 gallon capacity.

Storage Tanks: 3 lines of storage tanks available in both jacketed and unjacketed models, the capacity ranges from 80 gallons to an incredible 1,040 gallons!

Buying and Installing A Bradford Water Heater

Although you can not go to your local Home Depot to buy a Bradford white water heater you can see that Bradford offers one of the most expansive line ups of water heaters on the market today. Being made in America is an important factor to me when buying any product and Bradford takes great pride in their American workforce and facilities.

Having a Bradford heater installed in your home or business is as easy as contacting a qualified contractor. Only qualified contractors that install and service their products are permitted to purchase their products from approved wholesale distributors. Now if you are the type that likes to shop in person and inspect things for yourself you may want to consider a line of water heaters that are sold in retail establishments, you will find a wide variety of heaters under the AO Smith water heater brand. AO Smith much like Bradford White operates under 6 other ‘Brands’, click the link above to read more.