The Lowdown On The Noritz Tankless Water Heater

Is The Noritz Tankless Water Heater Really Cost And Energy Efficient?

Noritz products and particularily the Noritz tankless water heater are known to be reliable largely due to the accreditation’s and achievements of the company itself. They provide training for their contractors on all of the variations of their tankless heaters, ensuring for a safe and accurate installation when on-site. Their expert technical support team is always ready to provide quick and easy answers or information to any and every customer. Considering tankless water heaters are the focal point for the company, each one is designed with quality craftsmanship claims and a long-lasting durable design that promises to require only the minimal amount of routine maintenance.

In The Beginning: Tankless Water Heaters

Noritz is known as the makers of energy efficiency in water heaters but how did it all begin? Like most products that require some sort of energy to run, gas was the initial heating source for bathwater beginning way back in the 1960s. By 1966 however, the very first tankless water heater was introduced to the market (though it did not automatically jump in popularity). Not long after the release, the Noritsu Bath Industry that launched the product from their established home base in Japan changed their name to what we know them as today—Noritz.

Noritz Tankless Water Heater: Commercial Benefits

-Multi-System: the ability to link multiple units for up to 316 gallons per minute; up to 9.1 million Btu’s.
-Intelligent System: for use with a multi-system arrangement; units communicate and share load variations in order to prolong system life and maximize heated water output.
-Modular: a single unit that is interchangeable and has the capability to communicate with similar units if combined (at any point in time).
-Modulation Technology: units are created to draw and use the absolute lowest amount of energy necessary to still efficiently heat any amount of water.

Noritz Tankless Water Heaters: Residential Product Lines

The experience and knowledge within Noritz Global led to the production of the three different subcategories currently available for water heaters in residential establishments. The most commonly chosen heaters come from the ecoTOUGH product line. Featuring affordable options with proven results of highly efficient products, each tankless water heater promises to emit a carbon footprint that is considerably lower than ever before.

The proTOUGH selection of tankless water heaters provides the same reliability and durability guarantees; however these options are specifically manufactured to sustain low costs along with the hottest of water regardless of the demand within, or the overall size of, the household. Although Noritz specializes in water heaters that are tankless, they could not allow their expertise to go unnoticed by smaller homes as well. For locations in regions with a warmer climate or for minimally sized residences, the company offers a valueSolutions line of gas water heater products.

Customer Reviews: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Just about any business owner can make his company or his product sound like the greatest asset in the world, but not nearly as many can back their claims with a service or a product that provides the benefits a user is seeking. One California customer reviewed the indoor and outdoor tankless natural gas water heater and gave the heater itself fantastic remarks. In that customer’s situation, monthly bills dropped by almost forty dollars (from $60-70 to an incredible $27). Her feedback solidifies Noritz water heater claims of efficiency, as she explained that they turn on “only when there is a demand for water”.

However there is one notable drawback according to the Amazon reviewer. In her experience, the preset flat rate Noritz charges as an installation fee was too high for her (a bill of “thousands” of dollars just for installing). Since the company sells water heaters whether or not customers would like to do the installation themselves, the reviewer proceeded to purchase the product because in her opinion, “there is no better money (saving) heater on the market”. Most licensed plumbers should be knowledgeable in water heater installation, though having this done by anyone other than a Noritz employee will immediately void the warranty. This is an enormous downside in many customer’s opinions, but the financial gains in the long run from use of these tankless water heaters tend to prove themselves as more than worth it.

Why Not Think About Renting A Noritz Tankless Water Heater

In some areas (particularly in the Canadian market), Noritz now offers a renting program for their tankless water heaters. Aside from a the trial run the customer gets when renting a product, he will get the peace of mind knowing he did not have to pay any high initial costs right out of pocket while still gaining the possession that he needed. Since the equipment does not need to be paid for upfront, customers can enjoy seeing their gas bill savings increase (where applicable) and then can begin using that profit to pay off their worthwhile water heaters. Additionally, all parts and labor coverage are a part of this worthwhile renting deal!

As you can see Noritz offers a lot of flexibility when choosing a tankless heater, next we will take a look at the American water heater line of products. You are always better off comparing several models and manufacturers before making a final decision.