Are Rheem Hot Water Heaters The Right Choice For You?

Consumers Spoiled By Choice With Rheem Hot Water Heaters

If you are looking for Rheem hot water heaters then you as a consumer have a wide variety of choices to consider. Below you will find the most current selections available in Rheem residential water heaters. An American born company that proudly manufacturers the bulk of their line of water heaters, heating and cooling equipment and more in locations across the USA, Rheem remains an industry leader today.

Selecting A Rheem Hot Water Heater

Rheem water heaters come in a variety of types and models, depending on your usage requirements you’ll have no problem finding one that will suit your needs be it by design or by comparing water heater prices. Below are the current varieties and models available today.

Rheem Tankless Water Heaters

Condensing Tankless – their Prestige Series offers 84 to 95% efficiency rating and up to 9.5 gallons per minute flow rate. Price ranges from $799 to $1500. 4 out of 5 star ratings on most models by independent customer reviews.

Mid-Efficiency – the mid efficiency units offer 84 to 94% efficiency rating and 5.3 to 9.5 gallons per minute, pricing starts at $499 and go up to $1000. 3.5 to 4.0 star ratings by consumer reviews.

Electric Tankless – You can get an electric Rheem water heater with flow rates of 1.5 to 5 gallons per minute with efficiency ratings from 84 to 98%. Electric Rheem hot water heaters are mostly recommended for under sink applications on the small end to homes or apartments with one bathroom/shower. Prices range from $150 to $700 with 2.5 to 4.5 star ratings by consumers.

Commercial – Rheem commerical tankless water heaters all come with 94% + efficiency ratings and outputs from 9.5 to 11 gallons per minutes, prices range from $1100 to $2100 with 4 star tankless water heater reviews across the board.

Rheem Solar Water Heaters

Rheem carries a line up of solar water heater systems named the Solaride Passive Solar system – they offer 47 to 80 gallon capacity storage, prices ranging from $3000 to $4300. Also available is the Marathon Thermal Tank that vary from 50 to 105 gallons, price ranges from $1000 to $1500.

Rheem Storage Water Heaters

Rheem carries a wide variety of storage style tank water heaters, gone are the days of inefficient storage style water heaters.

Hybrid Electric Water Heaters – featuring Rheem’s new heat pump technology that makes their efficiency over 2 times efficient compared to the old standard storage style water heaters. You’ll save energy which means you’ll save on your power bill as well as possible federal, state and local county and city rebates make them a desirable choice for any homeowner. $1100 to $2500 price range.

Gas Storage Water Heaters – Rheem’s gas storage tank heaters come a wide range of capacities from 28 to 150 gallons for residential applications, their natural gas burning mean high efficiency and lower household costs. Their wide range of flow rates mean wide pricing range $400 to $1500 for residential models.

Electric Storage Water Heaters – the old standard electric storage water heaters are still the go to on many new home builds but even the lower priced models have become more efficient and longer lasting. Available in as small as 2.5 gallon all the way up to 120 gallon for residential applications.

Commercial – Rheems commercial division offers powerful and large capacity systems to handle large applications. Rhemm offer solar, tankless, gas and electric commercial water heaters with up to 98% efficiency and capacities as high as 175 gallons per minute and storage tanks up to 900 gallons.

Rheem also offers a wide variety of heat pumps for the spa and pool industry for both residential and commercial applications.

The History Of Rheem Hot Water Heaters

Rheem is one of the largest manufacturers of water heater in North America and the world. The Rheem company was initially established by Donald and Richard Rheem in the 1920′s in San Francisco, California. By the mid 1930′s they had already achieved country wide distribution of their water heaters. The 40′s and 50′s saw the Rheem company expand into other areas including oil burning furnaces and air conditioners.

Not a company to rest on their lorals, they acquired the Ruud Company in 1959 who were at the time leaders in the water heater industry. They continued to expand through the 60′s and 70′s and again acquired another company in the mid 80′s namely the Raypak company a leader in boilers used in commercial hot water heaters and pool heaters.

Whether you are looking for a tankless, solar, storage or commercial water heater Rheem has the product range to satisfy your needs and all products are backed by industry leading warranties and service, Rheem is a product you can rely on for now and the future.