Your Map To Determining Water Heater Prices

How Water Heater Prices Are Determined

Water heaters are prime requirements in most homes, especially ones which are located in areas which experience prolonged cold seasons. Fortunately, there are many different types of water heaters in the market today. Each of the types comes with its own specifications and accompanying price ranges. Apart from the heating mechanisms, capacities and efficiency, home owners largely consider the water heater prices before making an informed choice on the particular heater to buy and install.

There are several factors which determine the respective water heater prices. Unlike what most people may think, the most expensive heaters may not be necessarily the most suitable. In fact, the most expensive models are the commercial water heaters. They are only suitable for commercial and large scale water heating and not quite applicable domestically.

Main Factors That Determine Water Heater Prices

One of the chief factors that determines a water heater price is the heating mechanism. The models rely on different systems to heat water. While some are relatively complex, others use very simple heating mechanisms and are consequently cheaper. The heating method used largely depends on the type of instant hot water heater you install in your house.

Storage Type Heaters
One of the most commonly used type of water heaters are storage tank heaters. Just like the name suggests, this heater type is basically composed of a tank and a heating system. Cold water is fed into the tank through an inlet pipe at the bottom. It’s subsequently heated and passed into the house through the outlet pipe at the top. It works under the principle that warm water is lighter than cold water. The accompanying water heater costs of this type depend on the respective brands and tank sizes. The larger the tank you acquire the more the cash you will cough out of your wallet.

There are two main types of storage tank water heaters-gas and electric heaters. The latter is cheaper but has higher maintenance costs. It’s therefore advisable to purchase gas storage tank if you need to save on the overall fuel and operational costs in the subsequent years.

Tankless Water Heaters
Tankless heaters on the other hand, are much more efficient but costlier than storage tank heaters. They use a much simpler method of direct heat exchange, which eliminates the need of tanks and incredibly reduces the heating time. They are also very effectual in energy saving since you will not constantly reheat the water. Since they are relatively costly to operate, it is advisable to rely on the gas tankless heaters. They have significantly lower maintenance costs as opposed to electric tankless heaters.

Alternative Water Heaters And Prices

Hybrid Electric
Hybrid are some of the most energy efficient water heaters, are arguably the most expensive. Fortunately, their transcendent energy efficiency will help you increasingly cut on your energy expenditure, thus saving quite a lot of money within a relatively short time. This heater type is therefore suitable for home owners who are willing to invest heavily on effective heating systems which will subsequently minimize the energy expenditure. Hybrid electric heaters harness the atmospheric heat and consequently use it to heat water.

Solar Heaters
The final type which most home owners consider installing are solar water heaters. They are particularly recommendable for environmentally conscious individuals who are keen to conserve the natural resources and switch to clean, renewable energy. The heaters have solar panels which act as collectors to harness the solar energy and transfer it to an antifreeze liquid. The liquid subsequently passes the heat to the water held in adjacent tubes. Although the heaters are environmentally friendly, they are relatively expensive to purchase and install. Additionally, it will take you an average of more than ten years to make considerable ROI on your energy savings.

After you have determined what kind of water heater is right for you and the price range you’re comfortable with consulting water heater reviews is the next logical step. I recommend you consult our article on hot water heater reviews to learn how you can find unbiased reviews from consumers that have purchased the product, you can also start you research by having a look at the Rheem tankless water heater, Rheem has a great reputation and are readily available in the United States, Canada and Mexico.